Giving it over to God

For the first several years after the initial opening, my practices were simple and heartfelt. They consisted of resting with what’s here, notice all as awakeness (Spirit, the divine, intelligence, love), gratitude for whatever happened, prayer, Heart/Jesus prayer, Christ meditation, tonglen, and giving it all over to Spirit. All of these happened very naturally.

Then, I got “sidetracked” by traditions and teachers with ideas of how things should be done.

And now, I am hoping to find back to a more natural and simple approach. For instance, giving it all over to the divine.

Notice. Notice what’s here – emotions, stories, the fear or wounds behind them.

Rest with what’s here. Take time resting with and as it.

Give it all over to Spirit. To the divine.

There is a beautiful simplicity in this. It’s a reminder that all is Spirit. And it doesn’t exclude any other approach or exploration.


Initial draft….

This is how I started out on the more conscious spiritual exploration, I got “sidetracked” by Zen and inquiry, and now I am more drawn to the simplicity and innocence of this approach again.

Notice. Feel. Give it over to God.

In a bit more detail:

Notice what’s here. Notice the emotions. Sensations. Images and words.

Rest with what’s here. Feel the emotions. Feel the sensations.

Give it over to God. (Spirit, the divine.)

Keep it very simple.

When I turn it over to God, whatever it is, it’s a reminder that this is all life happening. It’s all movements within the whole. Anything happening – including any emotions or stories – has infinite causes. It’s also a reminded that it’s all Spirit, the divine.

It also frees me up to engage with less stress.


Initial notes……

  • giving it over to God
    • acknowledge + feel/notice + give it over to God (Spirit, the divine)
    • can be done in combination with many other approaches, or by itself
    • trust in the intelligence/love inherent in life (spirit, the divine)
    • reminder that everything is life happening, infinite causes, movements within the whole (takes some of the “I” stress out of it + allows for taking more responsibility, more engagement, less paralyzed)


Rest with what’s here. Feel the sensations. (The sensations may initially appear as emotions through labels and stories about what they are and mean.)


Notice it’s already allowed by life, mind, space, awakeness.

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