A purpose to life?

Some talk about a purpose to life (external to what we make up for ourselves), or of life as a “school”, or a series of tests, or perhaps having a goal we may miss or not.

I see how each of those can be helpful for a while, but they are also inherently stressful. They are stressful because they assume we either pass the test or not, or fulfill the purpose or not, or reach the goal or not. They are additionally stressful because if we believe those stories we believe stories that we cannot know for sure are true. Trying to take them as true while knowing we don’t know for certain is inherently uncomfortable. And they are stressful because we may think we need to push away the grain of truth in any stories that appear incongruous with the one we try to hold as true.

Our minds are fundamentally honest. It knows when we try to deceive ourselves in the ways described above. And that’s discrepany is inherently stressful and uncomfortable.

Ther is a story that makes more sense to me and is far less stressful. And that’s the story of life as lila, as divine play. We can still use the stories of goals, tests, or purposes if they seem helpful, although these stories are seen in the context of the play. We can still grow, mature, and heal, and that too is part of the play. We can even believe stories, and that happens as part of the play.


Initial notes…..

  • a purpose?
    • some talk about a purpose to life (external to what we make up for ourselves), or life as a “school” etc.
    • it may be helpful for a while, but it’s also inherently stressful
    • much more comfortable to see it as lila, divine play
    • we can still mature, heal, grow etc. (wake and grow up), if that’s out path, and there is an incentive to do so inherent in life, bc it’s painful to be out of alignment with reality (attach to stories), and also to have unhealed parts in us (unloved, unfelt, unexplored etc.)

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