Dream: Boat going down

I am concerned about the safety of a group of children. They are on a boat that seems unsafe. As they get close to the shore, it starts rapidly filling with water. I am floating above the boat without a physical body, so I call out loudly to the people on the shore to come and help. Earlier in the dream, I had a body and was talking and interacting with people in the group the children were from. I knew many of them.

In the dream, there was an urgency in wishing to save the children. And it reminded me of the contrast between the strong sense of desire and passion I used to have and the lack of it I am experiencing now. There is a sense of nostalgia and wish for it to return in some form. (It slowly went away during the dark night, and especially after the CFS. For a while, the only sense of urgency was around surviving.)

Update: This dream happened a few days into my housesitting in San Francisco. Some weird things happened in the apartment (occasional strong sense of presence in the kitchen area, sounds from the kitchen at night – water running, dishes moving, sounds of a rubber ball bouncing on the floor etc., the dog bolting up and barking at the kitchen at night) and I did some research on the site. It turns out there was a large orphanage there for about 70 years in the 1800s and early 1900s. I wonder if there was a connection with this and the content of the dream. The “hauntings” – or whatever they were – disappeared after I and a couple of other vortex healers cleared the space. The apartment has been quiet since.


Initial notes…..

During and after the dream, I was very aware of how I used to have a burning sense of mission which gave me a great deal of momentum in life (in my teens, twenties). Everything in me and my life was organized around serving life. Then, when I made the long lasting life decision that went strongly against my intuitive knowing, and things started going awry internally and externally.

With the collapse (CFS) some years ago, what was left was just trying to survive, and even now – after regaining some health – I notice that my main mission is still taking care of myself as best as I can. I miss the sense of greater purpose. Although I am still very much aligned with sustainability, social justice, etc., it doesn’t give me the momentum it used to.

I am still consistently drawn to a few things: Healing for myself (Vortex Healing/training, TRE, inquiry, adaptogenic herbs etc.) Reading and keeping myself updated in the areas I am interested in. Walks. Some friends/relationships. Writing here. Working with a few clients.

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