How we frame a situation

How we frame a situation makes a big difference. It’s not about ignoring important aspects of a situation or pretending it’s something it’s not. It’s about framing our story about it – and we always have a story about it – in a way that makes sense, is real, and is helpful to us.

The other day, I talked with a friend of mine about a recent frustration in my life. (Buying a used phone through an apparently reputable website, having to send it back since it was locked to an Apple ID and the seller couldn’t help me unlock it, and now the seller is refusing to refund the money and says I am scamming him….!) She talked about dark forces trying to get us off balance and hold us back. To me, that does not seem helpful. That’s a story that (a) puts the power out there somewhere, (b) into something nebulous, and (c) can easily fuel fear. Also, I have no idea whether it’s accurate or not.

A story that makes more sense to me is that when challenging things happen, it’s life showing me what’s left. The situation shows me what’s left in me to see, feel, heal, find kindness towards. This situation has helped me meet wounds in me from childhood, created by similar experiences (taken advantage of, innocently accused) and it’s an invitation for that wound to be seen, felt, loved, and healed.

I did also ask life to show me what’s left a few years ago, and that’s what’s happening. (Life shows us what’s left anyway, for all of us, but it seems to have intensified for me after that particular “dangerous prayer”.)

Another way to see it is that life is kind. Life shows me what’s left. I would perhaps have chosen something easier, but life is kinder to me than that.


Dark external forced trying to get us off track

Vs unhealed parts, life ( love) showing us what’s left, a gift, life being kind to us

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