Approaching from different sides

In Vortex Healing, we work divine consciousness and energy so it’s easier – as far as I can tell – to work on consciousness and energetic issues.

In our western civilization, we are identified with and as matter and have developed techniques, tools, and understanding to work with physical issues (engineering, surgery etc.) so it’s easier to work on physical issues.

These are two ways of approaching reality and they complement each other very well.

This came to mind since some things are relatively straight forward to work on with Vortex Healing, but may seem impossible or nearly impossible to work on from the perspective of conventional western culture.


Initial notes…..

  • approaching from different sides
    • VH – approaching from divine consciousness/energy side, so karmic/ancestral conditioning, identifications etc. relatively easy to work with
    • western civilization – approaching from identification with/as matter, so more physical things easier to deal with (developed techniques, tools, understanding to work with)

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