Dream: Martin Luther King, and a blind bus driver

I was in Oakland and Martin Luther King was giving a speech at a church. He hadn’t been seen in public for decades. I came early, and was shown a secret entrance to the area where he was going to speak from. I was almost next to him. It turned out he didn’t give a speech but had us all do something practical for the community instead. Everyone were genuinely delighted. Afterwards, I got a ride with a blind black bus driver. The ride went well and I thought it was great that blind people could drive.

This dream had the luminous sense some dreams have, and nearly the qualities of what Jung called a “big” dream. It was amazing to get to be close to Martin Luther King, especially since he had been out of the public eye for so long. (Of course, the reason – in waking life – is that he has been dead for that long. But he wasn’t dead in the dream.) I really liked that instead of talking, as everyone expected him to, he had us all do something practical for the community instead. We were all surprised and delighted by it at the same time. It was also great to get a ride with a blind bus driver! (Again, in waking life that may happen in not too long with self-driving cars and buses.)

Day residue: A couple of days ago, I read that when Martin Luther King died, he had the heart of a sixty year old (he was early fourties), most likely from the stress. It was a reminder that people like him do what they do in spite of the fear and discomfort, not because they don’t experience any. Also, have spent the last several weeks in the Bay Area which is probably why this happened in Oakland.

Finally, as I write this, I hope that Trump will stimulate more people like Martin Luther King to come forward, and that many of us can find that in us like him and live from it – at whatever scale it may be.

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