Carrie Fisher: Embracing our flaws

Carrie Fisher famously embraced her flaws with honesty, humor, and fierceness. She was loved for it, and even made a career out of it.

There are two ways of embracing our flaws. We can do it in a heavy-handed way from being caught up in related identities (victim, guilt, shame, blame). Or we can do it with humor, a bit more distance, and a lighter touch. The more open we are about it, the more we are aware of the identifications and beliefs around it, and the more we have explored these identifications and beliefs, the easier it is to have humor and a lighter touch.

Also, the more we share and explore, the easier it is to see and feel that we are all in the same boat. And that too eases identification and invites a lighter touch.

Carrie Fisher died yesterday. I have enjoyed watching interviews with her, and now also listening to her audio books.


Initial notes…..

  • embracing our flaws
    • carrie fisher
    • embrace with honesty and some humor, distance etc.
    • the light touch becomes easier the more it’s embraced and the more we are open about it
    • (can feel heavy if we try to hide it, keep it secret)

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