Asap Thought: Dear Lazy People

A good summary of some simple ways to (a) align more with reality in order to (b) get things done – or find peace with not doing it.

There are just two elements to it:

Don’t trust your future self. If you are not doing it now, you are not likely to do it tomorrow, or the day after.

Be honest with yourself. Instead of saying I don’t have time or I’ll do it tomorrow, say what’s more true: It’s not a priority to me right now. It can feel harsh but it’s the reality. And the truth shall set us free. It will either motivate us to do it now, or find more peace with not doing it.

I have found these two helpful for myself.

On a personal note, I can add that I have gone through an interesting process on this topic. I used to be able to get things done relatively easily and quickly. When the chronic fatigue hit some years ago, all of that went out the window and – at times – it’s been difficult to get anything done beyond the most basic everyday neccesities of resting, eating, and going to the bathroom. It has shifted and expanded my identity, and I have been put in a situation where I had to find peace with not being so productive in a conventional sense. And not being able to get things done I normally would have, and that I wanted to get done. There is a gift there too.

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