Using spare attention for noticing, resting, healing

Through the day, there are many periods where I have spare attention. It may be after I wake up and am still in bed, before falling asleep, when I walk, shower or cook, when I use public transportation, when I rest, and so on.

During these periods, I often use my spare attention intentionally. I may notice what’s here – sensations, thoughts, sight, sound, taste, smell. I may intentionally rest with – or as – what’s here. Nowadays I often use Vortex Healing for myself or others. And in the past (going back to my teens), I have often used heart prayer (Jesus prayer), ho’oponopono, or tonglen.

Sometimes, I just let the mind do what it does in the moment and gently notice it.


Initial notes……

  • using spare attention for…..
    • through the day, many periods where I have spare attention
      • wake up, fall asleep, walk, shower, cook, rest, public transportation etc.
      • can use for prayer, noticing, resting (with/as what’s here), VH etc,

Using time for noticing, ho’o, VH etc
While don’t things that don’t require 100% attention
Waking, public transportation, driving, cleaning, cooking etc

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