The world as a dream

I recently answered a set of questionnaires connected with a course using tools from different spiritual and psychological traditions.

One of the questions was (paraphrased): do you experience the world as unreal, as a dream?

Do you experience the world as unreal, as a dream?

In a psychological context, I would answer no since a “yes” could be taken as a symptom of schizophrenia. I don’t experience the world as unreal in that way.

In a spiritual context, or in the context of a spiritual emergence or emergency, the answer would be “yes”. The world is revealed as consciousness (Spirit, love), as insubstantial, as a dream. The world and dreams both happen as and within consciousness.

Although the questionnaire was presented as part of a course using spiritual tools, I did answer “no” since the questionnaire itself was clearly a standard psychological one.


Initial notes……

  • questionnaire – do you experience the world as unreal, as a dream?
    • in a psychological context, would be a no since can be taken as  symptom of schizophrenia
    • in spiritual emergence/emergency context, would be very common, the world is revealed as consciousness/spirit, as insubstantial, as a dream in that sense (the world + dreams all happen as and within consciousness)

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