A real life ghost story: repeating sounds

In November last year, I was house- and dog-sitting in a nice new apartment in Hayes Valley in San Francisco.

At night, there would sometimes be a strong presence in the kitchen area, and when I was in bed before falling asleep, there would sometimes be sounds from the kitchen area. These sounds seem to repeat sounds from earlier in the day: water running from the faucet, the dog’s rubber ball bouncing on the floor, the dog lapping up water. A few times, I would hear the drinking and ball bouncing and think the dog was out there, and then realized she was lying right next to me. The dog would typically sit up and bark loudly at the kitchen when she heard these sounds.

I should say that the sense of presence itself is something I normally would discount as imagination, or at least not evidence of anything. The sounds definitely came from the kitchen and not a neighbor, and they were too loud and clear to be imagined. The dog hardly ever barks at anything so her barking at the kitchen was very unusual.

I asked Vortex Healing colleagues if anyone had experiences with clearing spaces, got some assistance, and the place quieted down. Since then, it’s been quiet here, both in terms of sensing a presence and in terms of sounds, and the dog has not sat up and barked at anything invisible. (I have been house/dog-sitting here off and on since.)

I thought I would mention it here since it was a bit unusual and I still don’t quite know what it was. It seemed playful more than anything. I did read up on the history of the block and it turns out there was a large orphanage here in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I don’t know if there is a connection.

I titled this post “real life ghost story” but don’t really know if this is connected to any forms of ghosts. Ghosts typically seem more like imprints from someone’s life a long time ago – either visual or auditory. In this case, it was different. It did seem that the sounds from earlier in the day were repeated.

My posting from November 28, 2016, in a Vortex Healing FaceBook forum:

What can be done to remove ghosts – or whatever this is – at the different levels of VH?

I am dog/house-sitting in an apartment in SF and we may have visitors now and then. (At times a strong presence in the kitchen area, sounds from the kitchen area at night, the dog bolting up barking at something in the kitchen area.)

I have used Vortex and the grid for the apartment but still seem to have visitors. I may use the grid more for the whole building and the ground below. I did some research last night and it turns out there was a large orphanage on the site in the 1800s and early 1900s.

Also, if anyone would like to take a look I would be interested in hearing what you find 🙂 If there is anything, it seems a bit playful since the sounds repeat the sounds from the day (running water, doing dishes, the dog lapping up water from her bowl, her rubber ball bouncing on the floor).

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