Awakening is multi-faceted

Awakening is multi-faceted.

What we are awakening to itself. One aspect is what we are awakening to itself as all there is, and out of identification with thoughts – and taking itself as a separate being in a wider world.  This can happen as an opening – as a preview or a temporary transcendence – or in a more stable way.

When it’s more stable, this awakening continues to open, clarify, and deepen over time.

Who we are realigning. Another aspect is how our human self operates within this new context. All the many parts of our human self is invited to realign within this new context. (The context itself is not new but the remembered and conscious recognition of it is.) This realigning is an ongoing process and takes the form of healing, maturing, and embodiment.

Sudden and process. The ripening leading to an awakening is a process that may have occurred over many lifetimes. Awakenings or openings are often sudden, although they sometimes occur gradually and almost imperceptibly. The continuing opening, clarifying and deepening is a process, as it the ongoing realignment – the healing and maturing of our human self, and the exploration of how to consciously and intentionally living from the awakening.

Consciousness, energetic, and lived. We can look at or describe the awakening process in different ways. We can describe it from the consciousness side, and this is most common in – for instance – the public face of Buddhism, Sufism, Christian Mysticism, and Advaita. We can also understand and describe it from the energetic side, which we see in Vortex Healing (see Awakening Through the Veils) and yogic traditions. And we can look at and describe it through how it’s lived and embodies. Each of these are equally valid and together paint a fuller picture.


Initial notes…..

  • awakened and nonawakened
    • (a) awakening – awakeness / big mind awake to itself
      • awaken out of identification with self/thoughts/identities, notice itself
      • can happen as an opening (temporary trancendence) or in a more stable way
      • also deepens over time, opening, clarifies
    • (b) alignment parts of our human self aligned with it or not
    • both can happen to different degrees and even levels
      • degree – how thoroughly and consistently
      • levels – awake out of what we are not + to what we are (and levels within this as well)
    • awakening / deepening + healing / maturing / realigning – all parts of the process
    • sudden + process
      • opening/awakening can be sudden
      • the deepening + healing/maturing/realigning is a process
    • can understand / talk about it
      • from consciousness side
      • from energetic side
      • from lived side



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