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I discovered No Boundaries by Ken Wilber when I was 17 or 18 and loved it. He described exactly what was revealed to me in the initial opening or awakening. He felt like someone who understood – at least at an intellectual level which was something.

I have since then devoured most of his books, and love them and what he has contributed to the world.

And yet, there is another side to it. It’s perhaps not as significant but still important to mention. When I got to see more of him and his community through online interactions, some of what I encountered was a turnoff for me: Arrogance. Reactivity. Unneccesarily idealizing second-tier. Unneccesarily villifying the Green level.

Also, when I read what he wrote about topics I am familiar with, I would sometimes notice significant inaccuracies and even misrepresentations. Some of it was probably from carelessness. Some from a very human inability to be thoroughly familiar with everything he writes about. And some of it was certainly a straw man argumentation, whether intentional or unintentional.

This has led to a certain disenchantement with Ken Wilber as a person, which is healthy. And I still respect and admire most of his writing and find it very useful. The caveat is that I now know very well that his descriptions of the different approaches and traditions not neccesarily are accurate, and I need to look into it for myself if I wish to have a more accurate picture. And that’s how to do it anyway.

Rise and fall of Ken Wilber is a short and good article about Ken Wilber and the mix of respect, admiration, and disenchantment many have experienced.


Initial notes….

  • ken wilber
    • loved his books in my teens and twenties
    • when got to see more of him and his community, was a turnoff
      • seemed arrogant, fearful, us-them attitude
      • trying to be better than to compensate for low self-esteem/lack of confidence?
    • also, when he wrote about topics I am quite familiar with, notice he is not so accurate, misrepresents,

Rise and fall of Ken Wilber article

He seemed to put up a facade to hide something, perhaps lack of confidence or low self-esteem?


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