Past lives as metaphor

This is pretty obvious, but I’ll mention it again since I was reminded of the topic.

Sometimes, images of past lives may come up in a healing session or spontaneously, either from ourselves or someone else who then tells us about it.

And these past lives can be seen as metaphors for something going on in us here and now. We can use them as pointers or questions. Can I find the dynamic here and now, in me or my own life?

The other side to past lives is whether they exist or not. Is there a continuity or thread through a series of lives? This is more a question for science. (Leslie Kean has just written a book about this.)

There is yet another side to this. If there is some continuity through lives, that is a continuity of conditioning and imprints. Said a little too simplisticly, it’s not who or what we are. We are what any content of experience happens within and as, including this life and any past lives.

So past lives can be used as a pointer or metaphor for what’s going on here and now. It can be studied scientifically. And this or past lives are not really what we are.


Initial notes….

  • past lives as metaphor
    • in case of memories / info from psychic etc.
      • see past lives as metaphor, an image for an inner dynamic here now
      • and really, a question, maybe this pattern is here now?
      • intellectual honesty – don’t know if it is past life or not, and is not really important, only a question if it mirrors something here now
    • the other situation, research
      • university research into past lives
    • (seen it this way for as long as I can remember, mid-teens)

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