Purpose of a forum for healers

In Buddhism, the three jewels are the Buddha (what we are, Big Mind), dharma (teachings, pointers), and sangha (fellow explorers). And with Vortex Healing, I have sometimes been reminded of the value of sangha.

I recently got frustrated by the lack of focus on a Vortex Healing (VH) forum on Facebook. Out of the ten most recent posts, only two were on VH and the rest were music, quotes, jokes, pseudo-science and even fake news. I voiced my wish for a more narrow focus on VH. After all, that’s what the forum is about and the right constraints allows anyone and anything to thrive.

The feedback from others helped me see it from a slightly different angle.

Of course, some felt a need for it to be more informal to create more of a sense of community.

More interestingly, there is also the intention for it to be allowing of any types of posts – including pseudo-science and fake news – as an educational opportunity. It gives people an opportunity to learn how to give feedback on these types of posts in a respectful and helpful manner, and those posting it to learn discernment and critical thinking.

There is nothing particularly revolutionary or unusual there. But I was impressed that those behind the forum are intentionally allowing of those types of posts for that reason.

I would still prefer the focus to be narrowly on VH. But I now, at least, understand why it is set up as it is.


Initial notes…..

  • VH forum on FB
    • differing views
      • I would like it to focus on VH and directly related topics – how to use the tools, experiences, questions, courses etc.
      • for others – also social, posting music, jokes, science, pseudo-science, fake news etc.
        • sometimes frustrating for me, have to wade through the nonsense to find the gems
        • when mentioned that only two out of the most recent ten posts had to do with VH in close sense – got the reply that everything is related, but is a nonsense answer since everything is related to everything else, and we (and any topic/exploration) thrive on constraints and being more focused
    • see the purpose of it as it is
      • does include what I am looking for – the more technical/closely relevant info
      • social, connection, sense of community, sharing etc.
      • and… when post pseudo-science, fake news etc. can get a correction, learn to think more critically etc.
      • is an awakening path as well, so good to share/interact in ways that support that process (although I don’t quite see it actually happening, but understand the theory behind it)


After all, that’s what the forum is about and for anyone and anything to thrive, there has to be constraints.

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