Research ideas for Vortex Healing

How would we do research on Vortex Healing?

Here are some ideas:


(a) Can senior VH practitioners sense specific illnesses? For instance, a group of people with diagnosed illnesses are selected, along with some who are healthy. The VH practitioners tune into each one, one at a time, and report what they sense. A control group of non-VH practitioners is in the same setting, making their own guesses. This obviously should be a double-blind study where the ones selecting the patients are different from the ones interacting with the VH practitioners, and only the first group knows who has which illness.

(b) Can senior VH practitioners sense other things? For instance, can they sense who has energetic structures put into them? (A common feature of a VH session.) Again, this should be a double-blind study. A group of people is selected. Half have energetic structures put into them by VH practitioners. Another set of VH practitioners check in with each one and report what they sense. And the people organizing the first part of the study should be different from the people organizing the second part.

The advantage of these studies is that they are relatively easy to do, require a minimum of resources, and – if done properly and published by reputable researchers – could have some impact in certain parts of the science community (mainly the ones already interested in these things).


(a) Lab studies of healing. For instance, the classic microbes-in-a-petri dish study. Out of ten petri dishes with equal amounts of microbes, a senior VH healer does healing on five of them. Is there a difference in the levels of microbes in those dishes some days later? The same can be done with cancer cells.

(b) Compare VH with other forms of treatments, in addition to a baseline of standard medical treatment for all patients. People with a specific diagnosed illness are randomly assigned different treatments, including no treatment, and then compared some months later. As mentioned above, all patients would obviously receive standard medical treatment for whatever condition they have.


(a) How do long-term active VH practitioners compare with other groups when it comes to their own health? Do they live longer? Have different levels of diagnosed illnesses? How is their overall sense of well being? Their psychological health? Brain scans? And what personality types are attracted to VH?

Here, the other groups would include, for instance, yoga practitioners, massage therapists, meditators, etc. who have practiced for about as long and about as much. It would be good to have a baseline group of people from the general population as well.

The problem with this type of study is that people attracted to the different modalities may have different levels of health challenges to begin with. So any differences between groups may be there from before they got involved and not as a result of the practices.

(b) A stronger study would be to test a group of people as they start their respective practices, and then re-test after a few years (longitudinal). That would require a good deal more participants since many would likely drop out.


If possible, randomized with control group(s), double-blind etc. The strongest methods practically feasible.

This list is organized, more or less, from the most to least feasible. The three first require relatively few resources, while the last three would require quite a bit more to be done well.

Some of these types of studies have been done on energy or faith healers in the past, although by a fringe in the scientific community. At some point in the future, these types of studies may be more common and more widely accepted. I have no idea when. It could be decades but it could also take centuries since it would require a paradigm shift in mainstream science. The scientific methods would be the same, but for the scientific community as a whole to be interested would require quite a shift in worldview.


Initial notes….

  • Research on vh
    • Two or more checking a person / place on certain things and compare
      • Eg if put in structures, see if they are there or not
      • or check people w known illnesses – if can detect
      • Double blind
    • Effect of healing
      • in laboratory – e.g. cancer cells, bacteria etc.
      • outside of laboratory
        • group of patients w same diagnosis
        • randomly assigned to several different treatments, or no treatment, apart from regular mainstream medicine
    • effect on practitioners over time – compare with other groups
      • ….


  • exploring VH through research
    • immediate changes in….
      • immune system function
      • brain scans
    • petri dish w. controls
    • treatment of specific ailments
    • practitioner – brain scans, health over time etc.


Research ideas for VH
In the future? In a culture more open to it
Pick up info
Long-term effect

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