How I have treated my Lyme disease

I got Lyme disease a couple of years ago and had the red ring, the classic symptoms,  positive test results, and diagnosis from a few independent specialists. Although some treatments helped for a while (antibiotics, hyperthermia etc.), the symptoms always returned.

So far, two treatments seem to help me the most.

Vortex Healing. Highest level Vortex Healers use a Lyme protocol that seems to make the Lyme go dormant. From what I hear, it may also clear it completely although that may take several sessions.  (I know many are skeptical to energy healing but it has worked for me.) Until I started with the essential oils, I needed to repeat the VH Lyme treatment every half year or so.

Essential oils. A friend of a friend recommended essential oils for Lyme, and specifically, something called the Doterra protocol. (See details below.) She treated herself for a year or so, became free of any symptoms, and have so far – about two years later? – not had any recurrence.

I should add that I know people who report becoming Lyme free through using either Vortex Healing OR the essential oils, so the combination is clearly not necessary for everyone. With something as serious as Lyme, I personally tend to choose simple combinations of the best candidates instead of just one approach.

It’s hard for me to say how much my Lyme symptoms are reduced, if I am actually symptom-free, and if the Lyme is gone or not, since the Lyme symptoms are very similar to CFS and I still have CFS. The senior Vortex Healers I have checked with say they can’t find any indication of active Lyme in my system, and possibly also no dormant Lyme. I am still using the essential oils and will for perhaps a total of 1 1/2 years. I keep an eye out for the typical Lyme symptoms (for me, numb arms, legs, and face, stronger fatigue and brain fog, and emotional instability), and plan on scheduling another VH session if I notice them.

How I use the essential oils.

This is just how I use the essential oils. It’s not a recommendation or prescription. (Some say it can be harmful to take essential oils internally over longer periods of time.)

I use Doterra oils in OO (medium size) capsules.

In each capsule:
12 drops On Guard
6 drops Oregano
2 drops Frankincense
= 20 drops total in a capsule

I take one capsule a day for 14 days. Then 14 days break where I apply 2 drops of lemongrass and 1 drop of oregano on each foot daily. Repeat the cycle. As far as I understand, it’s not good to indefinitely take essential oils internally so I plan to stop after a year or so, or perhaps 1 1/2 years.

Here is how I have done it:

I got the Doterra oils. A bag of empty OO capsules. A regular dropper bottle. And a dropper with a milliliter scale. (The oils from eBay, the capsules from Amazon, and the dropper bottle can be found at any pharmacy or online.)

I fill the dropper bottle with 6 parts On Guard, 3 parts Oregano, 1 part Frankincense, and mix it by gently shaking it. (For instance, 15ml On Guard, 7.5ml Oregano, and 2.5ml Frankincense.)

Each morning, I fill a capsule with 20 drops from the dropper bottle and swallow the capsule with water right away. (The oils melt the capsules after a few minutes so the filled capsules can’t be stored.)

Thanks to Zora for sharing the Doterra info with me!

I plan on giving an update after a few more months.

P.S. The reason these are specifically Doterra oils is because of the On Guard mix. The other two oils can be from another company, although it should be a company with good quality oils.

Update May 2020: The summer of 2018, I received a series of short Vortex Healing sessions for the Lyme and it has not returned since. Knock on wood. I suspect these sessions were more effective because of upgraded infection protocol for the currently highest level of Vortex Healing. The sessions lasted for 15 minutes each and I received them daily for perhaps five days. I still have CFS, which I have had for decades now, but not the extra “overlay” of Lyme.

2 thoughts to “How I have treated my Lyme disease”

  1. Hey – interesting read so thank you for sharing. I wonder how you are now? Like many lyme, cfs, coinfections etc etc has destroyed my life. Tried so many things not sure what to try next 🙁

  2. Hi David – I still have the CFS + Lyme symptoms and rest a lot, but my health seems to gradually improve. I can relate to what you write. I have tried a wide range of things as well, and although many have helped none have – so far – been the quick magic bullet I have secretly hoped for.

    The Doterra protocol helped a lot but didn’t completely get rid of the Lyme (I used it for about six months and it may not have been long enough). Vortex Healing is what I am using most now, and it does help although it’s slow in my case. As you probably know, diet can also help. (Based on what I have found works for me, I mostly avoid wheat, yeast, dairy, and sugar).

    I am also just starting taking LDN again which doesn’t cure anything but has helped me in the past.

    My system has been very depleted from many years of CFS and Lyme, so I think that’s partly why it takes time. It needs to gradually be built up again. (It seems that the virus at the core of the CFS, Epstein-Barr, may be gone, and the Lyme and co-infections are either knocked back or possibly gone.)

    I know several who have gotten much better or completely well from both CFS and Lyme. But, as you probably know, what seems to really help is often different in each case.

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