Either the most amazing healing system or complete lunacy

Vortex Healing is either the most amazing healing system I have encountered or complete lunacy.

I read this on the Vortex Healing Facebook group and thought I would share it here. (It was apparently said by someone who had read about Vortex Healing but wasn’t immersed in it as a student.)

For me, it’s all true. It is the most amazing healing system I have encountered. And it is, from a certain perspective, complete lunacy.

It’s amazing powerful since it’s divine energy and consciousness guided by the divine, and everything is already the divine so only the divine can allow for deep healing and awakening. (I know there is a lot in that statement many wouldn’t relate to but I’ll let that go.)

And it is, from a conventional point of view, complete lunacy. From a modern western view, it doesn’t make sense to talk about energy healing or anything guided by the divine.

I can relate to both. In my experience – as a receiver of Vortex Healing, a Vortex Healing student, and through giving Vortex Healing – I know how profound and powerful it is. And as a person living in a modern western society, I can certainly relate to the lunacy part (while also knowing it works).


Initial notes…..

  • either the most powerful healing system or complete lunacy
    • said by someone who had some familiarity with VH (but not taken any courses)
    • have to admit, a very good description
    • and the lunacy bit of it keeps it light, open, accessible in a certain way
    • lunacy bc
      • can work so specifically on such a wide range of issues
      • powerful
      • talk about merlin etc. (as name of avatar, aspect of the divine)
    • ….


Someone posted this in the Vortex Healing group on Facebook, and it was said by someone familiar with Vortex Healing without being an actual student. For me, it encapsulates how I experience it.

Vortex Healing does indeed seem to be the most amazing and powerful healing system I have found so far. And, from a more conventional point of view, it seems like complete lunacy.

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