All is grace

All is grace.

That’s often one of the things revealed in a spiritual opening or awakening, as it was in my case.

And then the mind can come in and differentiate out different ways of talking about it.

All is grace.

All is an invitation for healing, maturing, awakening, and embodiment of that awakening. This is at our human level. We can use anything for any of those. There is an invitation embedded in everything and every situation, if we are ripe and ready to make use of it.

All is the divine, it’s the play of the divine. All is inherently grace, as it is inherently consciousness, love, awakeness.

And in a different way, some things are more grace than others.

In a more conventional sense, we often use the word grace about something our minds like and that we feel we didn’t work that much for, or somehow didn’t deserve, or we had worked on for a long time but nothing happened and then it did. Examples here may be healings, good fortune, ease of life, a spiritual opening or glimpse, or a more stable awakening.

So in one sense, all is grace. At a human level, any situation is an invitation for healing, maturing, awakening, and – if there is some awakening – embodiment. As what we are, all is already the divine so it’s inherently grace. And in another sense, some things are more grace than others.

And some additional ways to talk about grace:

We can talk about fierce grace which really falls under the first category. Something happens that our minds don’t like at all, and we then find the blessing in it. And that happens when we are receptive to that blessing, and perhaps go looking for it, and sometimes when we actively make it into a blessing.

We can say that anything our minds like about our lives is grace. That anything exists at all is grace. That we are part of this amazing living planet is grace. That we were born is grace. That we have a certain measure of health is grace. That we got on a spiritual path is grace. Any spiritual opening or awakening is grace.

We can also say that if everything is grace, then nothing is really grace.

Also, grace is just a concept created by our minds. It’s not really inherent in reality. But it can certainly be a useful concept. It can help us open for it, look for it, and make it happen. And if we do, that too is grace.

And there is some usefulness and truth to each of these perspectives.


Initial notes….

  • all is grace
    • all is grace
      • all is an invitation / fuel for healing, maturing, awakening, embodiment
      • all is the play of the divine
    • some things are grace
      • usually when things happen that we like and we don’t feel we worked that much for it, or we worked for it and it didn’t happen and then it did
      • e.g. awakening, healing something stubborn etc.
    • …..

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