Identifying topics for exploration, healing, clearing

Most of us are satisfied with a certain level of emotional healing. We take a pragmatic approach and just do what’s needed for a good life. It’s a sane and good approach.

Some of us avoid healing. That’s understandable since emotional healing often means facing discomfort and can lead to shifts in how we see ourselves and live our lives. It’s disruptive.

And some of us, like me, has a passion for healing (and awakening). It’s hard to say where it comes from. Why do some get into collecting butterflies, or running, or photography? We are drawn to something, and then make a story about why afterward. That’s how it is with me and healing. I am passionate about it, as are some others, and we don’t really know why.

If we have that passion, how do we chose what to focus on?

For me, it happens in two ways.

(a) I explore what’s up in my life. Life and my mind brings up an issue that needs healing. I take note of it. And work on it the same day. Current examples: Some unrest about an upcoming journey. Slight discomfort when “stuck” in a space with many other people (like train, plain). Slight distress about losses from the past (lost opportunities).

(b) I have lists of universals, own central wounds and issues, and things that come up in everyday life. And I work on these as I have time and opportunity. Current examples: Mother and father issues from childhood (a good universal). Any emotional issues that may contribute to the fatigue and brain fog (a universal for those in my situation).

How do I work on them? In the ways I often mention here. Inquiry. Therapeutic trembling. Heart-centered practices. And these days, especially, Vortex Healing.

P.S. Here are some of the “why” stories my mind makes up to explain my passion for healing (and awakening and embodiment). It’s an adventure. It makes me feel more whole and alive. It brings a sense of coming home. It reduces discomfort and pain. It helps me function better in everyday life. It helps me help others. It gives me experiences and insights that helps me guide others. And really, life is moving that way through me right now and that’s all I need to know.


Initial notes….

  • identifying topics for exploration, healing, clearing
    • (a) what’s up in day-to-day life
    • (b) central traumas, universal issues, physical/energy systems etc.


  • exploring what’s up
    • anything the mind goes to that’s stressful
      • explore (inquiry), change relationship to (ho’o), clear (VH) etc.
      • and also make lists for more systematic work
        • central wounds / traumas
        • emotional issues by age
        • organs, energy system etc.
      • …..


Initial draft…..

When the mind goes to anything that’s stressful, I make a note of it. Sometimes, I’ll explore it right away. Sometimes, I’ll explore it later. Sometimes, I may forget and if it’s important it’ll come back.

In that way, it’s pretty easy to chose what to explore. Life shows me.

I feel some stress, make a note of what it’s about, and then explore it through inquiry (Living Inquiries, The Work), change my relationship to it (ho’oponopono, tonglen), or – more likely right now – resolve it through Vortex Healing.

At the same time, I do have lists of central traumas in my life, issues at different ages, and physical issues (energizing/clearing organs, parts of the energy system etc.). And I turn to these lists now and then to work through them more systematically.

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