I cry -> there is crying -> life is crying

Ordinarily, we’ll say “I am going to the store” and “I feel sad”.

But in some circumstances, we may use a different language. For instance, when identification is released out of being a separate being, and we want to be more precise or highlight a certain facet of life or orientation to life.

We could say “there is crying” or “crying is happening”. When identification is released out of being a separate being, those words are accurate and reflect an immediate experience. There is the experience of crying happening – and not “to” anyone – so those words make sense. It may also reflect a slightly detached orientation. And it’s something we tend to hear more in neo-Advaita circles.

We could also say “life is crying”. Life is all there is, and right here and now it’s crying. It’s manifesting as crying. It expresses itself as crying. It’s experiencing itself as crying. This reflects a bigger picture and emphasizes the fullness and life. It may also reflect a more engaged orientation. Buddhist and mystics independent of traditions seem to use this language more.

Either of these are accurate in their own way. “I am crying” makes sense in everyday life, also because most minds experience it that way. “Crying is happening” reflects that it’s happening on its own and not “to” anyone. And “life is crying” reflects the fullness of life and a more engaged orientation.

From what I understand, for most there is a natural progression from “crying is happening” (detachment) to “life is crying” (engagement, fullness). For me, it went to “I am crying” to “life is crying”. And the “crying is happening” orientation was within the fullness of “life is crying”. Both were (are) there but one was more the context for the other.


Initial notes……

  • how we talk or think about our actions
    • examples
      • I am crying – identified with / as
      • there is crying – detached
      • life is crying – engaged but larger picture
    • can emphasize one or the other
      • ordinariness
      • release of identification, detached
      • fullness, all of life (and different angles to it)
    • …..



Initial draft….

In everyday life, we say things like “I went to the store”, “I feel sad” and so on.

But if we are more accurate, how would we talk about it? And what would it say about identifications?

If we take ourselves as this human self, or if we just talk in an ordinary way with others, we would say “I am crying”. Anything else would seem strange and forced.

If there has been a release of identification as a human self, we may say “there is crying” or “crying is happening”. Some folks in the neo-advaita world sometimes speaks like this and it reflects a more detached approach. Perhaps a release of identification as a separate being, but not yet a full awareness of being life being everything.

If there is more embodiment, we may say “life is crying”.

In any case, if we are happy appearing ordinary and don’t feel a need to make something more out of it, we’ll just say “I am crying”.

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