Healing as a motivation for awakening?

People who express a desire for awakening typically have a range of motivations, some of which they are conscious of and some not.

One of these is healing. We wish for healing. It may seem a tall order. So we wish for something as apparently dramatic as awakening to cure us. And, again, this may be conscious or not.

How do we identify our deeper or original reasons for wishing for awakening, or anything else? One is to follow the chain of “what do you hope to get out of X”. What do you hope to get out of awakening? Peace. What do you hope to get out of peace? etc.

And what if healing is a central motivation for wishing for awakening? If we identify that motivation, it can help us reorient in a couple of different ways.

One is to find and use approaches that invite in healing and awakening. I tend to take this approach, which is why I have spent time exploring inquiry (The Work, Living Inquiries), heart centered practices (ho’oponopono, tonglen), therapeutic trembling (TRE for healing and embodiment), Breema, training a more stable attention, natural meditation (notice and allow), and more recently Vortex Healing.

If we find that healing is our main motivation, we may change our focus to healing and leave the awakening aside for a while. It may be more likely to give us what we really want, and perhaps the awakening interest returns at some point or not. Either way is fine.

In either case, it’s helpful to clarify our motivations and reorient accordingly. What do we really want? How do we most effectively invite it in? And that’s an ongoing process.

Also, we may find that some of our motivations for awakening come from fear or a sense of lack. If so, we can explore these and invite in healing for these parts of us. In my case, I have used the approaches listed above, but there are many helpful approaches out there.


  • healing as motivation for awakening
    • if so
      • pragmatic: use approaches that invite healing + awakening
      • clarify: identify essential / central motivations for awakening
      • heal: explore compulsions behind healing / awakening + whatever we wish to get out of it (invite to heal / awaken)


  • Seeking awakening while we actually want healing?
    • many reasons for aiming for awakening
    • one may be that seek healing
    • if so, and that’s the main reason, makes sense to emphasize healing instead
    • if so, and just part of the reason, can find approaches that do both
    • ….


How do the approaches I mentioned invite in healing and awakening?

Inquiry invites stressful beliefs and charged stories to release. This opens for healing and for what we are (that which all our experience happens within and as) to more easily notice itself.


Initial draft….

I suspect that for most people who wish for awakening, a significant part of what we really want is healing.

There may be many reasons for aiming for awakening. We may seek love. Insight. Coming home. Be of service. Know God. Transcend the human. Avoid pain and suffering. Heal. And so on.

It’s good to be honest with ourselves what our reasons are. And one way to identify our reasons is the “what I hope to get out of X is….” exploration. We can do this in two ways. One is to list anything that comes to mind from the initial question. The other is to follow the chain until we find the most basic desire or wish. For instance:

What I hope to get out of awakening is…. clarity, peace, contentment, coming home.

What I hope to get out of clarity is….peace, contentment, returning home.

What I hope to get out of coming home is….peace, contentment, clarity.

In this case, there are several ones that seem connected. It may be because I have done this a few times before so some of the surface ones may be shedded or don’t hold much charge anymore.

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