Any experience is food for maturing

This is something I think most of us have noticed: Any experience is food for our development.

Whether we make use of it at the time or not, any experience is potentially food for our development. and when we are ready, we can take in and digest the experience and it becomes food for our deepening, humanizing, maturing, insights, or deepening love and gratitude.

And as we continue to mature, the same experience may become food for further development.

This happens within our human lifespan. And if something carries on and keeps incarnating, then any experience is likely indefinetely food for future development, waiting for us to ripen enough to make use of it.

In this sense, nothing is wasted. Not what we see as the biggest disasters in our lives, nor – at the other end of the scale – when we rest or coast along in life.


Initial notes….

  • any experience is food for maturing etc.
    • whether we make us of it at the time
    • when we are ready, any experience – past and present – is food for maturing
      • for deepening, humanizing, love, insights etc.
    • ….

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