Willing to enter the scary areas because we trust it can be resolved

In one of my trainings with David Berceli, the founder of Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), he mentioned that he is willing to be traumatized since he knows how to release it.

Specifically, if he goes into a disaster area and works with people there, he may experience second-hand trauma, and that’s OK with him since he knows what to do with it. It’s worth it. (I think he also mentions this in his book The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process.)

I find that too in working with clients, and also if that client is me.

The more I trust that whatever I encounter can be resolved, I am willing to – and even eager to – meet and explore areas in myself that may initially seem a bit scary.

What is this trust specifically in, and how is it built?

If there is something in me I am scared of approaching, I have (at least) two options. I can heal my relationship to it, and I can invite the issue itself to heal and resolve. Most of the time, it’s helpful to address both of these.

And the trust itself is built over time as we gain experience, skills, and find effective tools. And as we see that these scary areas may not be as scary as they initially seemed, that our relationship to them can be healed, and that the issues themselves often can be healed and resolved – at least to some extent and more as we keep exploring them. (Issues that are deeply ingrained and have several roots and branches may take longer.)

And how do we invite in this healing and resolution? Through, for instance, forms of inquiry, heart practices, therapeutic tremoring, energy work, and more. (I have written about this in other articles.)

The other side of this is facing scary life situations. This is often how I notice unhealed and unexamined parts of myself, and as I take care of these the triggering situation will seem easier to deal with. Over time, life as a whole may seem a lot less scary.


Initial notes….

  • Entering the scary areas because know can resolve it
    • can resolve my relationship to it
      • heart practices, inquiry, gratitude practices etc.
      • is a big part of the discomfort, experienced problem
    • can, in many cases, resolve the issue itself
      • fear around it, the issue, underlying issues, issues create by the issue etc.
      • can resolve it through effective means + skills and experience
    • as explore this, trust grows
      • willing to enter scary areas of ourselves bc trust can resolve it
      • in one or both of these ways
      • and that our life will be more free, interesting, whole, from kindness and wisdom, and in flow bc of it
    • ….


The other side of this is approaching scary areas of life. In a situation like this, I can explore what in me makes it look scary, and that will make it easier to deal with the scary life-situation. And as I continue to explore scary areas of myself and see they are not as scary as they initially seemed, that will be reflected in how I relate to scary life situations. Over time, life as a whole will seem less scary.

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