Byron Katie: You think you want your plan

You think you want your plan. You don’t. You want what is.

– Byron Katie

Byron Katie, saying it as it is since 1986.

Why do we want what is? One answer is that we get so much out of what is, often more than we would get out what we think we want, and what specifically that is depends on the specific situation. The more basic answer is because we are what everything is. Our identity is the same.

A personal note: I still remember what a relief it was to discover respectively Adyashanti and Byron Katie. They both said it as it was, or rather as it had initially been revealed for me back in my teens. For a long time, I couldn’t understand why people – meaning mystics and spiritual teachers – covered up something that’s so simple and direct. I still sometimes wonder, but one answer is because they think it seems too radical if it’s said simply and directly. Fortunately, with practices such as The Work, all of us can discover what Byron Katie talks about, including in this quote, one belief at a time.

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