Dollar synchronicity

I was in San Francisco yesterday, dropped a dollar bill without noticing, and a smiling boy ran after me and returned it. A few hours later, I sat in a coffee shop in Rockridge (waiting for a Breema class), saw a woman dropping a dollar bill without noticing, and I picked it up and returned it to her.

This was a form of synchronicity. It was a coincidence, and it was meaningful to me.

In which way was it meaningful?

On the surface, it was meaningful since there was a nice symmetry here. I got to be kind to someone in the way someone earlier had been kind to me.

And more significantly, I experienced is as a nod from life and a kind of answer to something that had been on my mind a few days earlier. I have a history of repeatedly finding wallets and credit cards and returning them, and yet not having the reverse happen (for instance, I lost my messenger bag full of things important to me, including a wallet with a good deal of cash, a year ago and it wasn’t returned to me).

It may not be apparent in this story, but the dollar synchronicity was as if life said: There is kindness in life and people. Don’t worry about the apparent asymmetry you noticed earlier. Notice the bigger picture and how much life gives you.


Initial notes…..

  • Dollar synchronicity
    • dropped a dollar, a boy smilingly returned it to me
    • 2-3 hours later, I did the same for a woman in a coffee shop
    • prior to this, had thought about how I have returned many wallets + credit cards (most recently a a few days ago) while I haven’t experienced the reverse, and that’s OK

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