Is Vortex Healing too good to be true?

Is Vortex Healing too good to be true?

After all, it’s a relatively effective way to deal with a wide range of issues, from physical to emotional to relationships to situations to places. And it’s an effective way to invite in both healing and awakening.

In my experience, all of that is accurate. I was very skeptical at first, to the point where I initially refused my first (free) session. But over time, I have come to see that it is an effective and safe way for healing a wide range of issues, and it’s an effective and safe way to invite in and stabilizing progressive awakening.

So what’s the downside? I wouldn’t say there are any major downsides, although there are several caveats.

Although some issues can improve quickly, most issues – and especially the more deeply rooted ones – can take longer to resolve. That means we’ll need several sessions from someone else, or we’ll need to take courses so we have the tools to do it for ourselves. One way or another, we have to put in the time, energy, and work required. (And that’s how it is with most things.)

It only does what life does naturally. Healing and awakening are natural processes of life. And Vortex Healing can focus it and speed it up. (The speeding up can be quite dramatic but it’s done in a grounded and safe way.)

It’s not always comfortable. Neither healing or awakening is free of discomfort, no matter how we go about it. And so it is with Vortex Healing. Sometimes, we’ll have to face and experience something we have avoided for a long time, and where the avoidance has blocked our healing or awakening.

If we want to use Vortex Healing as an awakening path, or as a support on our awakening path, we’ll need to take courses. It can’t be done through regular sessions. Those are only for healing.

Another “downside” may be that the name can sound a bit weird to some. And the more detailed explanation of how it works, involving an avatar (aspect of the unfiltered divine) and Merlin, may turn some people off. That’s not necessarily a downside in my experience since most people don’t want or need to know the detailed background story (“energy healing” is usually sufficient, or “divine energy healing” if they are open to that).

In all my years of exploring healing and awakening, from a wide range of angles and through a wide range of approaches and traditions, I haven’t encountered anything quite like Vortex Healing. On the surface, it may look a little like Reiki, but it’s really in a whole different category. It’s profoundly effective and is so in a grounded and safe way. And that’s rare. As far as I know, there isn’t anything out there like it.

I am deeply grateful for finding Vortex Healing, and for being able to contiunue exploring it through courses and receiving and giving sessions. And for it fitting so well into everything else I have found helpful: heart practices, natural rest, stable attention practice, parts (subpersonality) work, inquiry, and more.


Initial notes…..

VH too good to be true?

– can work on anything – physical, mind, relationships, situations, places
– healing + awakening

yes, and….
– can take time / effort esp. when more deeply rooted
– only does what life naturally does, supports it, speeds it up
– isn’t always only comfortable (often have to face what we have avoided in the past)

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