What is identification?

What do I mean by identification?

Identification is with a thought. With a mental image and/or words that create a story, interpretation, assumption, and so on.

When the mind identifies with a thought, it takes on that perspective, it becomes that perspective in its own experience. So instead of seeing a thought as a thought, as an innocent question about the world, it becomes the viewpoint of the thought and takes it as not only solid, real, and true, but as what it is. If this identification is questioned, it can feel like it’s existence is threatened.

For instance, the mind has the thought that “he is wrong” and the mind then identifies with that thought. That means the thought is invested with energy, which – in turn – means its associated with sensations lending the thought a sense that it is real, solid, and true. The mind views the situation, the person, and even the world, from the viewpoint of that thought. It becomes, in its own experience, that viewpoint. It sees itself as the viewpoint. So if the validity of that thought is questioned, it may feel that its existence is threatened and it will fight that possibility. It will come up with evidence supporting the apparent truth of the thought and reject anything that doesn’t fit.

This dynamic is sometimes called the “ego”. I prefer to not use that word since it can be confused with the psychological ego which is more like the operating system for the mind and essential for our functioning in the world. And it also makes it sound much more solid and as a “thing” than it is.


Initial notes….

  • what is identification?
    • identification with a thought (mental image, words -> story, interpretation, assumption etc.)
    • take on that perspective, become it in our own experience
    • ….

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