Wishing others well

Wishing others well is an important part of healing, maturing, awakening, and embodiment.

As with many of these practices, it’s easy to do towards those we really like, a little more intention may be required for those we are neutral towards, and some work may be required to find genuine well-wishing for those we don’t really like or those who trigger envy, regret, or a sense of not being good enough in ourselves.

When I intend to wish someone well, I get to notice if something in me reacts and doesn’t really want to wish that person well. And that is helpful information. That’s something I can explore through inquiry, healing approaches, or heart-centered practices (e.g. ho’oponopono, metta, or tonglen towards the other and the reactive parts in myself).

And when I can find a genuine and heartfelt well-wishing for the person, I may notice it’s more comfortable and enjoyable. I may notice that a more genuine well-wishing for others comes with a more wholehearted and genuine well-wishing for myself. And I may notice the difference between mentally struggling with the world I am living in, and more genuinely befriending it.


Initial notes….

  • wishing others well
    • intention to, so notice when don’t, when it’s difficult
      • inquiry, find healing etc.
    • wishing others well
      • much more comfortable, enjoyable, befriending the world we live in
      • wishing oneself (all parts of oneself) well
    • ….

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