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A little while ago, I reached 11,111 posts on this blog…! Not all of them have been published (some never got beyond the draft stage and some are still in process) but it’s still a large number. I have had this blog since 2002 so that explains it to some extent.

The rest is explained by writing almost every day for most of the time. So that brings up the question, why is that? Why the slight compulsion? Why the urge to write here? 

I think there are several answers. The immediate answer is that I notice something or something comes to mind, and I feel an impulse to write it down.

I also notice a few other things: There is a fear in me to let it go without recording it. (It seems valuable so I don’t want to “lose it” or forget it.) I typically don’t have that many around me I can talk about and explore these things with. (When I do, I write less here.) I may find a use for some of it later. And some of it may be useful for a reader.  

The first and second ones are definitely something for me to notice and perhaps explore further. 

In any case, thanks for visiting this collection of (at one point) 11,111 articles!  

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