Childish Gambino: Feels like summer

Every day gets hotter than the one before
Running out of water,
it’s about to go down
Go down
Air that kill
the bees that we depend upon
Birds were made for singing,
wakin’ up to no sound
No sound

Childish Gambino / Donald Glover

Another beautiful song from Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) inviting us to take a closer look at serious issues. This time, ecological destruction.

Just as the dancing in the This is America video showed how entertainment distracts us from serious issues impacting us all, here the video can distract us from the actual content of the song. I imagine the mindless activities of the celebrities in the video is a poke at them and their lack of engagement.  

Of course, most of us are aware of what’s going on. We just need ways we can engage that are relatively easy and attractive. We need structural change. We need to live within systems where what’s easy and attractive to do, for individuals and organizations, is also what supports and enhances life. And how do we get that? It’s hard to say.

Awareness is a good first step. Focusing on practical solutions is another. As is emphasizing the attractive sides to this change. And voting with our money and voting for political change. We have the solutions, we just need to implement them. Most likely, serious change won’t happen until we really get that we have to. It may not happen until things get bad enough close to home that we’ll have to change.

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