Let Your will be done

One of the more central and traditional forms of Christian prayers is let Your will be done

It’s an acknowledgment that we, as human beings, cannot absolutely control anything. Life has the final word. 

Also, it helps us reorient to this reality. As we engage in this prayer, it works on us. Life’s will is already being done. That’s just how it is. And by engaging in this prayer, we can allow it to work on us. We allow our conscious view and the views of all our human parts to realign with this reality.

And that makes it easier when things don’t seem to go “our way” as we see it as human beings. There is a little more receptivity. A little more curiosity. A little more opening to find the genuine gifts in what’s happening, even if we don’t initially like it very much. 

A companion prayer is I give it all up to You. I give all of what’s happening with me as a human being up to life (or God, Spirit). I give it all up to the larger wisdom and love. I give it up as compost for whatever can come out of it – clarity, insights, receptivity, or something else.  

These two prayers form a context for my life. Let Your will be done. I give it all up to You. And within that, I live my life much as before. I am still active and engaged. I still have hopes, wishes, and plans. I still try to be a good steward of my own life. I still try to fulfill my roles as best I can. 



Initial notes….

  • Let Your will be done / I am giving it all up to You
    • as a prayer
      • invitation for a shift for myself
      • get to see what’s not 100% on board with it
    • still do what’s needed at a human level
      • be a good steward of my life
        • have plans, work towards them etc.
      • but hold it more lightly, know it’s not up to me in the end
    • for me
      • let your will be done
        • more for my life as a whole
      • i am giving it all up to you
        • for what’s going on with me – emotions, dynamics, health, worry etc.
    • context and practice / exploration / invitation for a shift
      • as context for whatever else I do, my life
      • and now and then, do this more wholeheartedly and as main practice
    • ..



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