Mystery of existence

In a conventional view, we may see some things as known (building a car, the function of the heart) and others things as unknown (dark matter, the fate of the universe). Some things are known, other things are a mystery. 

But really, all is a mystery. Our understanding is provisional at best. A guide to help us orient and function in the world. As I often say, there is no final or absolute truth in our ideas and understanding. They are not the final word about anything. 

In an ordinary sense, we can always learn more, we can see things in a new context or within a new worldview or paradigm, we can see it from new perspectives. 

And in a very real sense, it’s all a mystery. It can’t be touched by thought or our human understanding. This is the context of our human life and that’s why I decided to call this website Mystery of Existence. 

The title of this website is a reminder that our understanding is provisional. A question about the world. It opens the door to humility rooted in reality. 



  • Mystery of existence
    • mystery
      • everything is ultimately a mystery
      • provisional understanding / ideas at most, helpful in a practical sense, no final or absolute truth to it 
      • intellectual honesty to acknowledge this, no matter what we are talking about 
    • ….

  • conventional view
    • know some things, don’t know other things
    • some things not a mystery, others things (dark matter, gravity, fate of the universe) are a mystery
    • but in reality, all is a mystery 
    • ….

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