Thinking about someone with love

I have had several instances of people asking if I did healing for them when in reality I had just (often briefly) thought about them with love, and perhaps a quiet wish for their healing and well being. Interesting how that works.

People sometimes report feeling the energies and other times they report the actual healing. 

I assume this is universal. If we have someone in mind with love, it may well have an effect. In some ways, it’s expected since it’s one local aspect of the divine wishing another well. 

And yes, I know this doesn’t fit our modern worldview. But it does fit some research, and it has a (metaphorical?) parallel in quantum entanglement, and it’s something that can and probably will be studied more in the future. 

I was reminded of this when I talked with my mother after a recent Vortex Healing class (Jewel in London). The first she said was “did you do healing for me on Thursday? I feel much better!” I didn’t do healing for her, but I had thought about both of my parents with deep gratitude and love around that time. 

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