Why I am not into recreational or mind-altering drugs

I am not really into recreational or mind-altering drugs, and haven’t tried any. (Apart from a little wine with food occasionally.)

Why is that? I can find a few different reasons.

An acquaintance in middle school became psychotic after using drugs. It gave me a healthy scare and I had no interest in following in his footsteps.

The cultures and sub-cultures I have belonged to have been mainly drug-free. Up until very recently, none of my close friends were the ones that had used drugs of any type. 

Even as a teenager, I saw it as an escape, and I don’t wish to escape. 

I notice a fear of losing control and of lasting undesirable effects.

Life is amazing and magical as it is, and I have no desire to use drugs to get something I already have. (The experience of life as magical and divine.) 

Mainly, I want to go through life sober. I don’t want to escape my discomfort. I want to use it as a pointer to what I can befriend, and sometimes what I can invite in healing for. 

I understand why some people use recreational drugs. It may be part of their culture or subculture. It may be normal for them. They find it relieves some of their stress and discomfort. (At least in the short run, although in the long run, it tends to add to it.) And I do the same. I too use things to escape. (Believing thoughts, distractions, entertainment, food, sex, friendships, nature, books etc.). I know I am in the same boat.

What about using psychoactive drugs for healing, guidance, or spiritual openings? I know some report great benefits in this area. And I am sure it can be useful for some people in some situations. (Mainly, when it’s informed, conscious, and supported by someone who knows the process well.) Personally, I am a little suspicious of the side- and after-effects of using this path. Again, I wish to go through life sober. I wish to use other approaches. And here too, I know I am in the same boat as the ones using psychoactive drugs. For instance, I too explore some “quick fixes” for healing and awakening. (For instance, through Vortex Healing.)


Initial notes….

  • Why I am not into recreational or mind-altering drugs
    • friend psychotic, much of it illegal, some of it fits better for people in a certain culture
    • fears, concerns
      • scared of losing control, concerned with lasting effects  
    • life amazing as it is, undercurrent of bliss (even when painful)
      • always altered states anyway (and anything alters the mind state)  
      • any my direct experience of the world is weird, unusual, and fascinating enough anyway – all as consciousness (the divine), seeing energies, sensing etc. 
    • mainly, want to go through life sober
      • if experience discomfort, want to take care of it – not gloss it over
      • notice, see where it’s coming from, find resolution/healing for (discomfort is a friend, a golden opportunity) 
      • also, reorient towards it – kindness, respect, patience 
    • and, of course, use other things as drugs
      • believing thoughts (fantasies, fears, hopes), food, sex, nature, friends, comfort, entertainment, sleep etc.   
    • for others
      • life may see it as right for someone
      • may have some benefits, for a while
      • traditional psychoactive drugs may open up, have healing benefits (and some drawbacks)
    • ….


alternate states – we always experience/are alternate states…..

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