Eating the witch

I climb up the ladder to the attic. As my head comes up high enough so I can see into the attic, everything disappears. I fall through darkness. After a while, I see a witch looking up at me, grinning. She is stirring a cauldron, I am about to fall into the cauldron, and she will eat me.

– Recurrent childhood dream

Recurrent childhood dreams often point to a central theme for our life, typically something we wrestle with. In this case, I suspect the witch is my mother. (I saw the witch especially in how she related to my father.) The dream highlights how I sometimes saw her, and also my relationship with her and perhaps more generally the feminine.

When I do The Work of Byron Katie on this, I arrive at this turnaround…

Initial statement: The witch shouldn’t eat me.
Turnaround: I should eat the witch.

This definitely feels truer. I should eat the witch. I should take charge. I should eat her to find out what she is about. I should digest her and make use of the nutrients in her.

In other words, I want to meet her, get to know her, see what the emotional issues connected with her are, and allow myself to be nourished by the nutrients in what I previously have avoided.

How do I do that? I have explored this dream through Process Work, done The Work on stressful beliefs from the dream, and also had some dialogs with the witch. More generally, I have worked on mother issues. And I plan to use Vortex Healing on whatever issue(s) is behind the dream, and continue the exploration.

Initial notes….

  • Eating the witch
    • consume, take in, become, find in myself
    • digest,
    • stand up to the witch, take initiative, step into power, (be willing to compete with her for power),

TAish: P should eat the witch ** (knowing, understanding, finding it in myself) 
H: Eat her whole, then you get everything in her that’s good **


What do you want with me? I will eat you. Why? You are delicious. Will I die? Yes, you’ll die if I eat you. Why me? You are the only one here, I can’t eat someone else.

I have explored the witch some more, and see that she has very little or no power on her own, she is just an old frail woman. She only has the power I give her. Her power is her ability to scare others into giving away their power.

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