Forms of self-talk

We talk to ourselves in different ways.

We talk to ourselves silently with words (thoughts). It’s often helpful to bring awareness to this type of self-talk and change it if it’s not supportive. For instance, in stressful situation we can intentionally talk to ourselves as a good mother would to a child (or a father would to a child, or a good friend to a friend). We can give ourselves what we wish for. This is also a part of re-parenting ourselves. (Becoming the parent to ourselves we perhaps didn’t consistently have growing up.)

We talk to ourselves through words and images we may not be consciously aware of. Through inquiry, we get to see some of these and how much they impact our perception, actions, and life without us even knowing.

Another way we talk to ourselves is through our actions. Whenever we chose something and act, we reinforce what that choice and action came from. If it came from a stressful thought, we tell ourselves that thought is real, valid, and something we have to act on. If it came from a quiet and peaceful knowing, we tell ourselves it’s OK to act on that quiet and peaceful knowing.

There is also a bigger picture. In a sense, anything that happens is the universe or existence talking to itself. It’s the universe expressing, exploring, and – through living beings – experiencing itself.

In our case, we can see our interactions with ourselves and the wider world as life talking to itself. We act and receive feedback and, in a sense, it’s the same the other way around. Any thought, feeling, sensation, sight, sound, taste is life talking with itself. Any interaction with the larger social and ecological whole is life talking with itself.


Initial notes….

  • Forms of self-talk
    • explicit talking to oneself with words
      • often good to bring into awareness + change
      • e.g. intentionally/consciously talk to oneself as a good mother would to a child (or father, friend etc.)
    • talking to oneself w. words/images/sensations – range from conscious to much less conscious (but still very impactful on perception/actions/life)
    • talking to oneself through action, reinforcing certain beliefs/identities (telling oneself they are true, real, valid, something to perceive through and act on)
    • bigger picture
      • anything that happens is universe talking to itself
        • the universe expressing, exploring, experiencing itself
      • one example
        • wider universe talking to itself as this local part of itself (this human self) and the other way around
        • through physical/social interactions, prayer, inner guidance etc.
    • ….

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