Types of projections

Again, this is very basic and worth mentioning.

There are different types of projections.

One is what’s most often referred to. It’s the charged projections. It’s where I see something “out there” and not “in myself”, or the other way around. It’s the projections where I am blind to what I am seeing also being in me, or in me and also in others.

Another is what I think of as navigation projections. It’s the projections that helps me navigate in the world. It’s the overlay of images, labels, and stories my mind puts on (my experience of) the world to help me function in daily life. This is a neutral and necessary form of projection, and it forms the basis of the charged projections mentioned above.

Of course, we can say that the mind projects the fullness of its experience, whether it’s of “me” as this human being or “the world” out there. It’s all created by the mind for the mind. It’s all – as science sees it today – sensory input interpreted and put together in a certain way by the mind.

Finally, I guess we can say that the whole world is a projection of the universe or the divine. It’s something created out of nothing.

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