Alejita’s dream: unclogging a sink with the help of Madonna

I am doing the dishes and cooking in the kitchen. The water starts rising in the sink, and I realize it’s clogged. I stick my hand down and find a deep hole and many things floating around. Madonna appears, gives me a pink dishwashing glove, and says that this is what blocked the sink. Then the sink drains.

Alejita, my partner’s, dream this morning

In the dream, she could clearly see and sense what was floating in the water. Water often represents emotions, and it threatened to overflow and flood the kitchen. What was floating in the water can be seen as emotional issues, clogging up the sink and causing the water to rise. (Because of unresolved emotional issues, the emotions increase in strength and threaten to flood the personality and/or mind.)

Madonna, a beautiful empowered and strong woman, comes to the rescue. She has removed what clogged the sink. Madonna is also the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and represents the divine feminine. To unclog the emotions, Alejita needs a combination of her strength and power as a woman and the aid of the divine feminine.

It’s a beautiful dream and one that applies to all of us, men and women.

There is also something about the pink dishwashing glove, something which helps us do the dishes, which clogs the sink. Our approach to dealing with emotions and emotional issues is what sometimes clogs it all up. I may write more about this in another post.

Update: I did write a follow-up to this dream.

Some connections to daily life: We mentioned Madonna the night before (Ale saw an album on my computer with music from Monteverdi with Madonna in the title and made a joke about it), Ale is using gloves when she does the dishes, she and Madonna both have Italian ancestors, and Ale and I are both very aware that one of our tasks in this life is to resolve emotional issues (for ourselves and helping others with the same) and that we need the aid and support from the divine, including the feminine aspect of the divine, to do it effectively.

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