Wearing pink gloves when working on issues

This is a follow-up to Ale’s pink-glove dream the other night.

Since then, she has noticed a shift in confidence which is reflected in another dream I’ll include at the end of this post.

In the pink-glove dream, Madonna shows her that Ale’s pink dishwashing gloves clogged up the sink. What she used for cleaning the dishes was what clogged up the sink and made it overflow. In other words, her approach to working on her emotional issues was what made the emotions “clog up” and threaten to flood her.

This morning, with the aid of another dream, she realized more about this. Over the last couple of years, she has gone through a “dark night” and became afraid of her own emotions. They were too strong and overwhelming. (I can relate based on what I went through in my own dark night phase.)

Avoiding our own emotions – or wearing metaphorical gloves when we approach them – is an issue in itself that can cause our emotional life to clog up and threaten to flood us.

Now, with the aid of Madonna (her inner empowered woman, and the divine feminine), she is regaining her confidence and feels she can again work on her emotional issues as she did before the dark night. More fearlessly. Without gloves. Daily.

It’s a beautiful process and the dream(s) helped her recognize more clearly what’s happening and join in with it more consciously.

Here is the dream she had this morning:

I have a nice and comfortable dress and am in an open place in nature with many women friends. I feel beautiful, free, comfortable. They admire and love me. We are talking about various things, how to make certain recipes, to enjoy life. They were trying to meet before that day but it had not been possible.

We finally made it, we met. We talked about what they couldn’t do because they had things to do. One of them told me: “What happens is that you always can do”. They all affirmed this, and I said, I can’t always. Tomorrow, for example, I am very busy working.

At one point, I had the feeling of being one of them when she was little. I looked at her, she danced and felt that I was her. We laughed out loud.

Then my uncle, the dancer, plays music and invites us to dance. We dance and it seems to be the beginning of a program of activities together. I wake up.

When she woke up, she felt that she has more confidence now that life (again) can be good to her. And that she again can work on her emotional issues more directly and fearlessly.

Photo: Alejita with her actual pink dishwashing gloves!

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