We are the divine digesting itself

When I notice and allow what’s here in experience – thoughts, feelings, etc. – it feels like it’s all being digested.

Since it’s all happening within and as consciousness, we can say that it’s consciousness digesting itself.

And we can say that it happens all the time, just by living our life, whether we notice and allow, or are distracted and fight.

We can even say that all of existence is existence digesting itself.

Or that all of life and existence is the divine digesting itself.

The divine, or existence, or the universe, creates itself into complexity and digests itself.

And for fun, the top-down view:

We are the divine digesting itself. We are the divine making itself into complexity and digesting itself.

In our case, the divine has made itself into the complexity of this world and this human being with its body and mind and history and thoughts and feelings and challenges and joys, and it’s digesting itself as all of it.

If we bring this close, we can say we are consciousness digesting itself. This consciousness is digesting itself in the form of all the experiences that happens within and as it.

This is perhaps more immediately noticeable the more we find ourselves as that which it’s all happening within and as.

And even more easily noticeable when we notice and allow what’s here in experience. As I rest into noticing and allowing, it feels like it’s all being digested.

This is an example of how something close – what happens when we rest in noticing and allowing — can be protected out on existence as a whole. It may not be wrong, but it’s good to notice.

It’s also an example of the small and big interpretation of spirituality or awakening.

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