Cellular structure of the aura

New photos shows the cellular structure of the surface of the sun in more detail. I won’t say much about it but it did remind me of something I discovered early on in my explorations, when I was 19 or 20.

I had connected with Hanne Bertelsen (as she was called then), the then-wife of Jes Bertelsen. I had already seen auras for a few years. She encouraged me to look a little closer at the aura and focus more directly on it. And, to my surprise, I saw the cellular structure of the aura.

I could have seen it all along but had focused more on the global impression of the aura – and especially how it reflects awakeness or lack of it – and overlooked the more close-up and detailed view.

The cells in these new photos of the sun are quite similar to the cellular structure of the aura, at least as it looks to me.

It’s not very important in itself but fun to notice. And although different people tend to see slightly different aspects of the aura, this may be something we can more easily check with others – which can help us trust what we see.

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