Out-of-body experience when I was a few months old

Me when I was 8-10 months old, excited about a rabbit

I see my parents and older brother walk on the sidewalk to the house I grew up in. I am in a stroller. It looks like spring. I see it all from 20-30 meters up in the air. We continue walking up the gravel road to the house. Something large, rectangular, and white is in front of the house. Inside the house, I see that the walls in the large bedroom has old dark wallpaper.

This is my earliest memory and seems to have happened when we moved into a new house in the same small town they lived in before I was born. Everything is in a birds-eye perspective, apart from when I was floating around in the house and checking it out.

This apparent memory was very vivid and I never really questioned it. It just seemed to be what happened. When I asked my parents about it in my mid-teens, they confirmed everything. They had walked from the old house to the new. I was in a stroller. It was an early spring day. The white rectangular thing in front of the house was the moving van. The old wallpaper was there and they painted over it almost immediately.

I don’t remember any other out-of-body experiences. It may not have happened at other times. Or this one may be the only one I remember since it was a big milestone in my young life. I may have been three or four months old when this happened.

Could it have been just a regular in-body memory? It’s possible but seem unlikely. Why would I convert a regular in-body memory to an out-of-body memory? The birds-eye perspective was unmistakable, and I did see the moving van from above.

Why do I remember it? Perhaps because it was an out-of-body experience? Perhaps that makes it more easy to remember?

Could I have imagined it all? Not likely since my parents confirmed everything.

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