Pandemic: Switch from fear to service (and get in a better frame of mind)

In these pandemic days, there is one thing we can do that helps us be a good citizen and also get into a better frame of mind.

Instead of getting too much into the mode of thinking I may get sick, why not turn it around? Why not act as if I already have it and don’t want to infect others? This helps me not get infected. It helps others in case I already am infected and don’t know it. It shifts my frame of mind from fear to service which feels much better. And I am actively doing something constructive which reminds me that I am in charge of how I relate to my inner and outer situation.

In short: It’s important for all of us to live AS IF we are already infected and don’t want to infect others. Especially since it may be true.

Note: I know that being able to live as if I already have it – and self-isolate, wash hands regularly and so on – is a privilege. Many in the world does not have this opportunity.

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