Feeding our fears

There are two ways to feed our fears. One makes it stronger and makes us more identified with it. The other helps it calm down and we can relate to it more consciously as a part of us (and not all of who or what we are).

In the first case, we feed the fear in the sense of fueling the fearful stories and our reactivity to it. We indulge in the scary stories. Make them more catastrophic. Make them seem more real. Avoid seriously questioning them. Indulge in our reactivity to them and whatever avoidance strategy we use.

In the second case, we feed the fear in the sense of nurturing it so it can relax. We meet it. Listen to what it has to say. Investigate the scary stories and find what’s more true for us. Notice the physical sensations in the body we call fear. Befriend it. See it comes from love and a wish to protect us. Even find love for it and for its innocence.

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