Frederic Chopin: Simplicity is the final achievement

is the final achievement

– Frederic Chopin

Through skills and experience comes simplicity. We see that in art as well as in other areas of life.

And it’s the same with us. As we heal, mature, and awaken, a sense of simplicity often comes with it. Our priorities are more clear. Our desperate questions fall away. We live with more contentment and are less often and severely hijacked by the complexity of emotional issues. We know more – in immediacy – what we are. We know ourselves better as who we are.

We are often more content with a simple life and we appreciate the simple things of life because we know how precious they are.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t complexity and richness. Complexity is part of life and our explorations. And as we heal, mature, and awaken, a sense of richness comes with it.

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