Precognitive dream

When I was in my late twenties, I had a cat. He was a rescue cat and we developed an unusually strong connection and bond.

One morning, I dreamt he was hit by a car and died. Most dreams have the processing-inner-material quality and this was different. This one felt like a precognitive dream. One that showed something that would or could happen. I have had some dreams like this, and this clearly felt like it was in the same category.

The cat was an indoor-outdoor cat and was good at taking care of himself. But following this dream, I decided to keep him inside for a while.

After a week, I let him out. On that same day, he was hit by a car and died.

It can sound like a “downer” story but I am very grateful for the time we had together. I still feel that strong bond with him. And it was a reminder that some dreams can be precognitive, and they tend to have a distinct quality to them.

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