Dream: Interesting gathering

I am with my partner at a very interesting festival, perhaps in San Francisco. It has many different areas with very different focus and feel. One is like an old English village with many small speciality shops, including an amazing bookstore. A man shouts my name and it turns out to be a well-known Norwegian newscaster who was a friend of my father. We have a warm and good conversation and I bring my partner to introduce her to him.

The newscaster is a real person but, as far as I know, not a friend of my father. He is someone I perceive as warm and knowledgeable.

This is a typical dream for the last several months for me. Fun, interesting social gatherings that feel more like a community than a gathering of strangers. I guess it has something to do with my inner community. Perhaps they are all gathering and mingling more and feel more like a community.

And perhaps it also feels rich, interesting, multifaceted, and alive, as this and many other similar recentish dreams.

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