Byron Katie: Life will bring us everything we need

Life will bring us everything we need, to show us what we haven’t undone yet.

– Byron Katie

What does Byron Katie mean by “what we haven’t undone yet”? I assume she specifically means stressful beliefs we haven’t examined and seen through. And indirectly, she means any unresolved emotional issues, traumas, wounds, and hangups.

How does this work? How does life brings us what we need to shows us what we haven’t undone yet?

I can find a few different ways.

We tend to perceive and act on what we haven’t undone, life responds and gives us feedback on this, and this is life’s invitation to us to notice what’s left in us and undo it.

Our mind tends to go to what’s not yet undone in us, and what’s not yet undone also tends to bubble up on its own. In a sense, our mind seeks to understand and resolve what’s not yet undone, and what’s not yet undone seeks to be met, understood, loved, and resolved.

And equally important, life is rich and brings us a lot of different things, and most of us have a lot we haven’t undone yet. So some of what life brings us will inevitably show us some of what we haven’t undone yet. If we pay attention, we may notice this daily and even in just about every situation we are in.

Is there something even beyond this? Yes, I am sure I can find more concrete examples. And I am sure there is more outside of what I am aware of.

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