Dream: On a stage, forgetting everything

I am on a stage with several others, and we will take turns leading a large group of people in meditation or healing or both. I have forgotten everything and I feel uncomfortable and a bit scared.

Then I realize that what I can forget is the techniques and phrases. What this is really about is what I am and what we all are, and that’s here and not forgotten. If I notice and trust that, I am OK.

All I need to do is helping others notice it for themselves.

Also, it’s OK to just be myself as I am, I don’t need to pretend or try to live up to an image. Healing and awakening is about being who and what we are – as we are.

One part of this dream interprets itself. In my daily life, and when I write or talk about these things, how would it be to rely less on memory and techniques and more on what’s alive for me here and now? Both will be here, so why not shift a bit more in the direction of relying on what comes to me and is alive for me?

It doesn’t need to look like it has in the past.

It helps to remember that healing and awakening is about noticing what’s already here. I don’t need to invent anything. I don’t need to convince anyone about anything. All I need to do is help people discover it for themselves. I serve as a reminder and pointer, and that’s all that’s needed.

Also, how is it to remind myself that it’s OK for me to be as I am. I don’t need to live up to an image. Sometimes, I stop myself from going into certain roles because I feel I don’t have the charisma or official credentials or whatever else I imagine is required. But it’s not that way. Who we are, in addition to some experience and empathy and intellectual honesty, is often sufficient.

Another thing was clear to me in the dream. I felt I didn’t have much to contribute and didn’t feel comfortable up in a stage telling people what to do. Apart from working on this as an issue and identity, there is a similar solution.

When I remind myself that all I can do is help people notice what’s already here, and what they already are, it’s simpler. I am not telling people anything they need to take my word for. I am inviting them to find it for themselves.

This dream also reminds me how my dreams have changed over time. In my teens and early twenties, when I was immersed in Jung and his apporach to finding wholeness and working with dreams, I had typical Jungian and archetypal dreams. (If I had been into Freud, perhaps I would have had more Freudian dreams.)

At some point, I asked the dream-maker in me to make the message more clear and explicit in my dreams, and the dreams since have tended to be more simple, clear, and explicit.

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